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In our fast-paced and consumption-driven world, a slow approach to skincare and haircare might seem, well, counter cultured and backwards. But we — and a bunch of local beauty brands — would like to differ. What if environmentally conscious, more natural and ethically friendly, products and choices are actually the future? Follow along as we highlight from top to toe a few South African personal care products that are greener and healthier, yet on par with, if not superior to, their conventional counterparts:

Mesh & Bõne Vitamin C Multipurpose Skin Booster

A facial scrub and dietary supplement all-in-one, this potent antioxidant improves skin tone, pores, fine lines, and collagen production on the inside and outside. It's also 100% natural, organic, sustainably sourced, glass packaged, vegan and cruelty-free — making it not only multipurpose but “multimindful” too

Lelive crème de la cream | African mahogany everyday moisturiser

Infused with mahogany, marula, and shea butter, this Lelive crème de la cream moisturiser is hydrating enough for drier skin, but also light enough to wear every day. Not only are the native natural ingredients as good for you as they are for the environment, but their sleek, minimalistic packaging is made mostly from aluminium due to its recyclability.

Goodleaf Body Lotion

This all-natural lotion made from full-spectrum CBD, omega-rich Kalahari melon, and marula oil with shea butter not only leaves irritated skin feeling softer and restored, but also adorns the body in a herbaceous flora scent. As an extension of the botanical theme, the packaging is a beautiful reusable forest green glass bottle.

Wass Butter bar with Cedarwood + Lemon Verbena

This rich butter base soap bar is made from nourishing Avocado and Cocoa butter and provides a luxurious creamy lather to condition all skin types. Manufactured in small batches, each bar is individually hand-cut and uses only 100% natural ingredients. Not to mention it's vegan and the packaging is plastic-free.

Afrakari Cape Kelp Hydrating cleanser

The luxurious and purifying gel-to-oil cleanser gently lifts make-up, excess oil and impurities while upholding the skin’s natural moisture barrier and pH balance. Their antioxidant and omega-rich ingredients aim to soothe, balance and condition, leaving skin feeling nourished with an unclogged and revived complexion. With its advanced anti-ageing technology and luxurious silky lather, it's no surprise this cleanser was the 2020 Africa Spa Award Winner!

BotaniLab Revive Cleanser

Created by two sisters with a mutual love of plants and extensive history in botany, each BotaniLab product uses the purest, organic oils and ingredients that are safe and effective. The BotaniLab Revive Cleanser will minimize signs of ageing, reduce wrinkle formation and increase collagen production. This blend of pure essential oils has been created to promote supple skin and is ideal for mature skin.

Cape of Storms Face & Body Oil

At Cape of Storms, they believe your skincare should be like food - nutritious, nourishing and gentle. Using a blend of Avocado and Kalahari Melon Oil, their hydrating Face and Body Oil is deeply nourishing and naturally rich in skin-friendly vitamin E. The Cape of Storms Apothecary range is created from all-natural, cruelty-free ingredients, and are minimally packaged in re-usable, recyclable and biodegradable packaging.

Afari Overnight Regenerating Cream

At the heart of every Afari skincare product, is Bulbine frutescens, a small indigenous shrub that grows in the dry valleys of southern Africa. Ethically sourced from an organic farm in Limpopo, this active ingredient has clinically proven benefits in the stimulation of collagen synthesis. Their Afari Overnight Regenerating Cream Packed is packed with potent, skin-repairing ingredients that promote cell renewal while you sleep, leaving you with noticeably smoother, more radiant skin.

Naturals Beauty Anti-Ageing Serum

A potent oil-based serum to revitalise skin and reduce the appearance of ageing, this serum from the Naturals Beauty Essential Collection is paraben, synthetic, gluten, and cruelty-free. With ingredients like avocado and olive oil, Evening Primrose, and rosehip oil, this serum is designed to bring new life to your skin and rejuvenate it using natural and organic ingredients.

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