By Speel Cape Town

vol 01 | backgammon towel mat set in black & white

Product information

R 1 995,00


our 100% cotton backgammon towel is woven in the mother city to last a lifetime. at 180 x 150 cm, it provides room to play on picnics, evenings at home, or in any spot where you’d like to set it up. our first limited-edition colourway, in classic black and white, comes complete with our hand-cut and...Show more
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About the brand

Speel Cape Town

Let the games begin! This local brand combined the world’s of fun and design to create a modern take on a family member’s backgammon board towel from the 80’s, paired with matching playing pieces. Favouring quality over quantity, speel's towels are made from 100% cotton and are woven in the Mother C...Show more