By WICK Fragrances

Classic Glass Candle // White Shirt // 200 g

Product information

R 295,00


THE SCENT Amber, patchouli and rich white sandalwood are brought together in a magnificently crafted, androgynous scent. Sure of itself, yet quietly confident. Don’t be surprised if you’re drawn in by its mysterious depth & left lingering on the whisper of a soft, powdery finish. Sophisticated? We‘d...Show more
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About the brand

WICK Fragrances

One’s sense of smell has a power like no other. A whiff of sea salt, white musk, and peppermint conjures up memories of a loved beach house, gentle morning mist, and salty hair on crisp cotton sheets. Comforting notes of deep vanilla and cinnamon smell of home and a mother’s love. A scent has the in...Show more